About this Blog

Welcome to my blog about life, love and everything in between. 

Here I just share some thoughts, ideas and opinions about what I encounter in my everyday life. Of course they are my expert opinions ;-) 

In my life I have learnt that your life is as fleeting as dandelion dust - here today, and gone in a second. Nothing is forever, and that which is, is not visible.

Still, I'd like to stand still for a moment and reflect on those things that make this journey a bit more pleasant and worth while, and hopefully inspire you too...

My interests are good food, healthy living, great art, travelling, outdoor  sports activities, theatre, poetry, religion, architecture and collecting beautiful objects (and no, it's not only shoes...).

All the images on my blog are my own paintings or photographs (unless specified otherwise).

I am blessed with a life where I can live out my dreams, hobbies and talents. Not everything I do is equally successful though! We learn just as much from our failures, and that helps to mould our character - or at least thinking so makes me feel better about it.

"Sometimes I feel that I can never be enough; 
other times that I am way too much. 
The truth is, I am more than I ever imagined I could be."



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