Travel Spot - Sorrento Charm

If you were wondering why I do "travel spots" on my blog, it is because I have been to too many overrated places while traveling and wasted a perfectly good day, while I could have seen something of much greater value that is less famous or advertised.

My purpose is to highlight the less "touristy" places, where I was able to enjoy myself, take in breathtaking scenery, saw something worth remembering and enjoy the places less visited.

Italy will always be one of my favourite spots, especially the south of Italy. That is where I visited the absolutely breathtaking city of Sorrento. Although this is not exactly a "hidden gem", it is still quieter than for example Rome or Venice, and in close proximity of many wonderful destinations. It's location makes Sorrento a perfect base to stay, while exploring the south of Italy.

Farm Girl Blues

So here I sit, in tears over the death of a nameless little lamb of two days old, and all my childhood memories came flooding back. There were three orphaned lambs that were just too weak to survive on their own during this exceptionally cold winter and had to be hand reared. Despite our best efforts, one of them died this morning. It's really just part of nature, but still it evokes strong emotions as you witness it.

A Little Deeper

"There are days when your life clouds over, and the world gets so dark that all at once you can't tell night from day.

There are times, when your heart cries 'this isn't happening', but the truth is cold and real, and I know this storm won't go away." - Miss Saigon

Sometimes we only grow and learn when we are going through adversity, and our character gets tested and developed in those moments. As hard as it is to get through, it is some of the most defining moments in your life. Looking back, those are also the moments that now make me smile. 

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