As a young, shy, schoolgirl, I was often bullied. Yes, I was different from most other children, and in those days any kind of different wasn't as acceptable as it is today. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for sympathy, it really helped me become the strong, independent woman I am today. But the worst for me, was being bullied by my math teacher. 

She was a young, attractive married woman, who - according to school gossip - could not have children. I was eleven years old at the time, and had no comprehension for what that could mean to a woman, or how hard life as an adult could be sometimes. All I knew and understood, was that she was a horrible, mean-hearted, unsympathetic, cruel monster, that made my life a living hell at the time.

Health Schmelth

Part of the comic strip I drew after
hallucinating in hospital.
I have a terrible fear of doctors, needles and hospitals. I would much rather catch a snake with my bare hands, or jump off a cliff, no problem, but the moment I walk into a hospital, fear and panic sets in, and tears just come out of nowhere, no matter how hard I try to keep my composure. I have been squeamish since I was a little girl, and nothing has changed since. Is this fear just in my head and irrational? 

After my last stay at the hospital, I am not as convinced that I am the problem anymore, nor that my fear is irrational. Let me tell you about my very unfortunate stay there, and you be the judge...

My tipe Kerk

Ek is nog altyd baie uitgesproke oor Kerk vs Godsdiens, en hoe kerke meer mense wegjaag as na die Here toe lei. In ons moderne tyd het Kerke in elk geval net besighede geword wat deur geld gedryf word, en die oomblik wat als oor geld gaan, het jy "demanding" kliente. Jy het hulle geld gevat, jou siel verkoop, en nou gee jy hulle 'n weergawe van die evangelie wat hulle gelukkig sal hou. 

Hoeveel mense het nog daai persoonlike verbintenis met die Here? Wie weet nog hoe dit voel om in Sy teenwoordigheid te kom?

Dressed in Black

"Sleep of Reason"
 - Charcoal, A Odendaal
Today my heart is broken. My best friend of over 40 years has passed away, and, as always with a death, you are forced to think about your own mortality and the meaning of your life and life in general.

We were grade one when I met her. I was the shy airy fairy type, she was the outgoing athletic one and subsequently my protector, being one year older than I. We grew up together, shared the same schools, mischiefs, friends and joys. 

In our 20's she was in a car accident. I specifically remember the last time I saw her before the accident. It was completely random that she crossed a road, as I came driving down that road. She didn't see me, but that was a week before the accident which left her paralysed from the arms down. A few years later both her legs were also amputated after complications.

Travel Spot 8 - Germany's Castles

A Fairy-tale Holiday: Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle
Once upon a time, I was a little girl who dreamed of far off places, magical castles, daring sword fights and mermaids. It was therefore no surprise then that the first place I wanted to travel to "one day when I'm big” was Disney world. Well, when the time came, it wasn't exactly Disney world, but it was so much better! It was truly the far off place with magical castles and mermaids I always believed existed. I just didn't know it existed in Germany!

I was sixteen when I first went to Europe. Everything was so new and wonderful, that I was completely swept away into this enchanting new world. I have since been back a few times and it is still just as magical as that first encounter I had. 


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Health Snacks Deluxe!

One of the most thrilling experiences for me is to create something, whether it is trouble or a painting, I like to think it is unique to me. Today I discovered a new thrill: creating my own unique tested recipe!

I never use recipes as they appear in a recipe book - EVER! I never consider the new concoction "my" recipe, as it is a combination of one or two recipes as well as my own spin on it. Today however - after two weeks of scouring the Internet for oats cookie recipes with no avail - I formulated my very own recipe! And it worked! And it had real measurements that I can actually replicate! Usually I just throw a few ingredients together, never to be repeated or remembered. That is easy when you cook, but when you bake, it is a little more scientific and precise than that. Hence the big victory!