Relationship Thermometer

I know this sounds a bit hypocritical since I lost myself a bit in a previous relationship. But trust me, it was a very high price to pay to regain my freedom and happiness, so hopefully you will find this information valuable beforehand, and not in hindsight like me ;-) 

This is just something I got off the internet (Cosmopolitan) before , so I can't take credit for it, but I thought it was the best advice I ever got! 

So with these tips always in mind, happy dating! And if you are in a relationship, read this to check whether you are still on the right track, or losing yourself in an unhealthy relationship.

Travelspot: How Alaska stole my Heart!

"To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world." - John Muir

I have travelled to a lot of very different places over the years. After each trip, I have a coffee table book printed with all the photographs of the holiday, and it is amazing when I look through these albums every few years, to see how many beautiful places I was fortunate enough to explore.

Generally I am a city girl. When I land in Rome, London or New York, I feel at home right away. It is just something inside of you that starts tingling, and make a smile appear on your face. Over the years, some of my favourite places have become like a person, whom I miss fondly from time to time, and yearn to visit again.