I try and live an active and healthy life as best as I can. I am an avid supporter of alternative medicine, fresh air, raw foods and lots of water. I always go for more than one opinion, and use common sense to put everything together before I just accept my fate at the hand of mere doctors.

This year, however, was a particularly bad year health wise, so I had a bit more to write about than I hoped for... accidents do happen! Although it is not ideal, I have to say that I learned so much more about our incredibly amazing bodies, and it keeps on fascinating me, the more I learn. Hope you enjoy this journey of discovery with me.

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Remind me...

We all go through trials and tribulations, joy and exaltations, and all of these impostors are easily forgotten. 

I find it incredible (in a good and a bad way) how easy one can forget the bad things that happened and how quickly we fall back into our comfort zone, forgetting the lessons we learnt and paid for so dearly. 

Even though we obviously enjoy  the good times better, it is often during the difficult times that we really mould our character and grow as a person. 

Every Day Life

I find everyday people very interesting. Even the old lady that you think is very boring, has a story to tell, and people often surprise you in that way. Just pay attention and show some interest, you'll be pleasantly surprised. To read more about our everyday experiences, click here.

Fibromyalgia - Myth or Menace

I woke up one morning and literally just could not get out of bed. I was in so much pain that I couldn't move at all and tears streamed down my face without me even crying. It was then that I realised that my chronic inflammation might not be inflammation at all. 

It didn't happen overnight though. A year ago I had serious reconstructive surgery on my hand after a mountain bike accident and it took six months' physio until I was able to use my hand again, so pain was just an everyday occurrence which didn't really bother me, since I have a very high pain threshold.   

Moving on...

Ever wished that you could get rid of an annoying ex in a nice manner, but they just won't let go? I am no Bieber fan, she's just not my cup of tea, but I really had a good laugh when I heard this song, and with a few tweaks (mostly correcting his bad grammar - eye roll), I'm sure anyone will enjoy this too!

For all the times that you rained on my parade
And all the places you got in using my name
You think you broke my heart, oh boy for goodness sake
You think I'm crying on my own, well I ain't

To love, or not to love. That is the Question...

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever." - The Notebook
If you would like to explore the highs and lows of love, relationships and solitude with me, please feel free to comment and discuss this topic with me. I am by no means an expert, but I truly believe in love. I just don't know how to define love, since I believe too many people confuse it with other things, like attachment or need. It is wonderful to be loved and be free at the same time.
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Religion ?

I have long been a believer that more people has been senselessly killed instead of saved under the flag of Religion. I do however believe in God, and the importance of having a personal relationship with God. 

I am always humbled by God's grace and mercy, and have seem too many miracles to not believe in something bigger than ourselves. I love travelling, and I feel closest to God in nature, where I am confronted with the vastness of the universe, and my own mortality.

Whether you are a believer or not, I would like to share some of my views and experiences with you. Feel free to agree or disagree with me by sharing in the discussion.

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Travel Spot - Sorrento Charm

If you were wondering why I do "travel spots" on my blog, it is because I have been to too many overrated places while traveling and wasted a perfectly good day, while I could have seen something of much greater value that is less famous or advertised.

My purpose is to highlight the less "touristy" places, where I was able to enjoy myself, take in breathtaking scenery, saw something worth remembering and enjoy the places less visited.

Italy will always be one of my favourite spots, especially the south of Italy. That is where I visited the absolutely breathtaking city of Sorrento. Although this is not exactly a "hidden gem", it is still quieter than for example Rome or Venice, and in close proximity of many wonderful destinations. It's location makes Sorrento a perfect base to stay, while exploring the south of Italy.

Farm Girl Blues

So here I sit, in tears over the death of a nameless little lamb of two days old, and all my childhood memories came flooding back. There were three orphaned lambs that were just too weak to survive on their own during this exceptionally cold winter and had to be hand reared. Despite our best efforts, one of them died this morning. It's really just part of nature, but still it evokes strong emotions as you witness it.

A Little Deeper

"There are days when your life clouds over, and the world gets so dark that all at once you can't tell night from day.

There are times, when your heart cries 'this isn't happening', but the truth is cold and real, and I know this storm won't go away." - Miss Saigon

Sometimes we only grow and learn when we are going through adversity, and our character gets tested and developed in those moments. As hard as it is to get through, it is some of the most defining moments in your life. Looking back, those are also the moments that now make me smile. 

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The Sisterhood of the Travelling Smartie Pants

People often ask me for travelling advice before they leave on a trip. I guess they think I have debugged my travelling program because I travel so much, but the truth is quite far from it...

Unbeknownst to them, I still battle with jet lag, packing too many items and not being able to sleep on a plane (but that's because of the movies ;-). I once woke up in my bed after returning from a 40 hour flight, to find that I cut my hair off in a jet lag / sleepwalking haze. Not a pretty sight!

Food, Glorious Food!

"Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with total abandon, or not at all." - Van Horne

Food, or rather entertaining with good food, has always played a big part in my life. From childhood memories to great joy in my adult life. Cooking for me is not a job, it is a passion I love to share with everyone close to me. I love entertaining guests, not just for experimenting with new ideas and recipes, but the feeling of togetherness, comfort, celebration of life and sharing stories with loved ones around a very loud table, with a good glass of wine in hand. Life is so endlessly delicious!

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Join me

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The Joy of Mail Order

I love the thrill of online shopping! Or to be more specific, not the shopping part, but the anticipation of the package delivery. 

I started doing online shopping while I was building my house, scouring the internet for all new, unique and beautiful things. Every time I discovered a gem, and sometimes even a practical item - I ordered it.

Obviously things got a little out of control, which resulted in me starting to receive various boxes of deliveries on an almost daily basis, for weeks on end! 

About this Blog:

Welcome to my blog about life, love and everything in between. 

Here I just share some thoughts, tips, ideas and opinions about what I encounter in my everyday life. Of course they are my expert opinions ;-)

In my life I have learnt that your life is as fleeting as dandelion dust - here today, and gone in a second. Nothing is forever, and that which is, is not visible.

Still, I'd like to stand still for a moment and reflect on those things that make this journey a bit more pleasant and worth while...

Travel Spot 2 - Blausee

Another gem I discovered during my travels, was the Blue Lake, in Switserland. Thanks to its very special colour and the crystal-clear water, Blausee is one of the best-known mountain lakes in Switzerland. Located in the midst of a small nature park, with a landscape formed by a rock slide that led to the creation of the lake, it was a perfect spot to visit with my family. 

I'm in Heaven!

After years of wishing and dreaming, I finally decided to take the big step: Treat myself with a proper walk in wardrobe. I always had nice wardrobes, but this time I wanted to convert an entire room for the purpose of my shrine ;-)

The thing is, I absolutely love clothes, and shoes, ... and handbags and scarves! That doesn't mean I have to wear it all (heavens no! I have far too much to wear). See, I just find so much pleasure in seeing, buying and then admiring beautiful things. I do not have to wear it all, I see it as collector's items....


As a young, shy, schoolgirl, I was often bullied. Yes, I was different from most other children, and in those days any kind of different wasn't as acceptable as it is today. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for sympathy, it really helped me become the strong, independent woman I am today. But the worst for me, was being bullied by my math teacher. 

She was a young, attractive married woman, who - according to school gossip - could not have children. I was eleven years old at the time, and had no comprehension for what that could mean to a woman, or how hard life as an adult could be sometimes. All I knew and understood, was that she was a horrible, mean-hearted, unsympathetic, cruel monster, that made my life a living hell at the time.

Health Schmelth

Part of the comic strip I drew after
hallucinating in hospital.
I have a terrible fear of doctors, needles and hospitals. I would much rather catch a snake with my bare hands, or jump off a cliff, no problem, but the moment I walk into a hospital, fear and panic sets in, and tears just come out of nowhere, no matter how hard I try to keep my composure. I have been squeamish since I was a little girl, and nothing has changed since. Is this fear just in my head and irrational? 

After my last stay at the hospital, I am not as convinced that I am the problem anymore, nor that my fear is irrational. Let me tell you about my very unfortunate stay there, and you be the judge...

My tipe Kerk

Ek is nog altyd baie uitgesproke oor Kerk vs Godsdiens, en hoe kerke meer mense wegjaag as na die Here toe lei. In ons moderne tyd het Kerke in elk geval net besighede geword wat deur geld gedryf word, en die oomblik wat als oor geld gaan, het jy "demanding" kliente. Jy het hulle geld gevat, jou siel verkoop, en nou gee jy hulle 'n weergawe van die evangelie wat hulle gelukkig sal hou. 

Hoeveel mense het nog daai persoonlike verbintenis met die Here? Wie weet nog hoe dit voel om in Sy teenwoordigheid te kom?

Dressed in Black

"Sleep of Reason"
 - Charcoal, A Odendaal
Today my heart is broken. My best friend of over 40 years has passed away, and, as always with a death, you are forced to think about your own mortality and the meaning of your life and life in general.

We were grade one when I met her. I was the shy airy fairy type, she was the outgoing athletic one and subsequently my protector, being one year older than I. We grew up together, shared the same schools, mischiefs, friends and joys. 

In our 20's she was in a car accident. I specifically remember the last time I saw her before the accident. It was completely random that she crossed a road, as I came driving down that road. She didn't see me, but that was a week before the accident which left her paralysed from the arms down. A few years later both her legs were also amputated after complications.

Travel Spot 8 - Germany's Castles

A Fairy-tale Holiday: Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle
Once upon a time, I was a little girl who dreamed of far off places, magical castles, daring sword fights and mermaids. It was therefore no surprise then that the first place I wanted to travel to "one day when I'm big” was Disney world. Well, when the time came, it wasn't exactly Disney world, but it was so much better! It was truly the far off place with magical castles and mermaids I always believed existed. I just didn't know it existed in Germany!

I was sixteen when I first went to Europe. Everything was so new and wonderful, that I was completely swept away into this enchanting new world. I have since been back a few times and it is still just as magical as that first encounter I had. 


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Health Snacks Deluxe!

One of the most thrilling experiences for me is to create something, whether it is trouble or a painting, I like to think it is unique to me. Today I discovered a new thrill: creating my own unique tested recipe!

I never use recipes as they appear in a recipe book - EVER! I never consider the new concoction "my" recipe, as it is a combination of one or two recipes as well as my own spin on it. Today however - after two weeks of scouring the Internet for oats cookie recipes with no avail - I formulated my very own recipe! And it worked! And it had real measurements that I can actually replicate! Usually I just throw a few ingredients together, never to be repeated or remembered. That is easy when you cook, but when you bake, it is a little more scientific and precise than that. Hence the big victory!

Leave Out all the Rest

"Memory" Oil & pastel
Annemie Odendaal
I was young, he was handsome, we were in love. Life and love seemed just so easy back then. I just started working and he was a lawyer who knocked my feet out from under me. 

We dated for a while, but I was a free spirit, and just didn't want to be caged as yet. We parted friendly, and I started a very promising career in another city. 

The Manna and Quail Principle

For years I jokingly said that I am definitely not a "manna and quails" type of person. Yes, I have to admit, I am a bit of a control freak. I am referring here to the Bible story where God provided food for the Israelites on a daily basis, and they were not allowed to collect more than a days worth of food at a time. 

The lesson to be learnt here, is that you can only concern yourself with today. If you got through today, that is enough. Trust God for the rest. I always thought of myself as someone with faith, and that hard work always pays off in the end. Having a business and being responsible for the welfare of a lot of people, I always make plans and think of every scenario ahead, consider opportunities and threats, and basically plan the whole year up front. It is the responsible thing to do, right? 

My Year of Saying Yes!

"Window of Possibilities"
Often times we get so stuck in a rut with our daily routines, beliefs, hobbies and friends, that we don't even notice how watered down, monotonous and safe our lives have become. 

"Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you" - Shahir Zag

A year ago I realised that I have become so stuck in my ways, that I would rather say "no" to most things, because I think I know exactly what works for me, and what I like. Right? It is always much easier to stay in your comfort zone, that  trying out something new. Heaven forbid I might actually enjoy it. The problem is, if you do not have new experiences, try new things and meet new people, how will you ever stay inspired, or grow?

Travel Spot 3 - Joshua Tree National Park

"In the desert a fountain is springing, In the wide waste there still is a tree, And a bird in the solitude singing, Which speaks to my spirit of Thee." - Lord Byron

It was probably the coldest, most windy day of the year when we visited the Joshua Tree National Park in America. We were on our way from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, when we came across this beautiful, surrealistic - yes it looks like a Dali painting - desert park.

A Mad-Hatter Affair

"Tea is quiet, and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty." ~James Norwood Pratt

It is not often that I am more excited than my guests about a party, but this time was different! 

I have not been entertaining for quite a while (since the building disruptions), and was really afraid I lost my mojo. So slightly nervous, I started to plan a High Tea for a few woman at my newly renovated home. 

At first I just had a bunch of cluttered ideas in my head, and then I remembered, as we all read in Alice in Wonderland, that you should just start at the beginning, go on until the end, then stop. 

Relationship Thermometer

I know this sounds a bit hypocritical since I lost myself a bit in a previous relationship. But trust me, it was a very high price to pay to regain my freedom and happiness, so hopefully you will find this information valuable beforehand, and not in hindsight like me ;-) 

This is just something I got off the internet (Cosmopolitan) before , so I can't take credit for it, but I thought it was the best advice I ever got! 

So with these tips always in mind, happy dating! And if you are in a relationship, read this to check whether you are still on the right track, or losing yourself in an unhealthy relationship.

Travelspot: How Alaska stole my Heart!

"To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world." - John Muir

I have travelled to a lot of very different places over the years. After each trip, I have a coffee table book printed with all the photographs of the holiday, and it is amazing when I look through these albums every few years, to see how many beautiful places I was fortunate enough to explore.

Generally I am a city girl. When I land in Rome, London or New York, I feel at home right away. It is just something inside of you that starts tingling, and make a smile appear on your face. Over the years, some of my favourite places have become like a person, whom I miss fondly from time to time, and yearn to visit again. 

I will not be mediocre!

" The things that mean a lot"
Oil & Pastel - A Odendaal
 “We must overcome the notion that we must be robs you of the chance
to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre.”

All around us things are happening everyday. World-changing, life changing. People's lives are at stake, your future, countries' destinies. What do you do? Nothing. People are yearning for your point of view, what do you say? 

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