The Joy of Mail Order

I love the thrill of online shopping! Or to be more specific, not the shopping part, but the anticipation of the package delivery. 

I started doing online shopping while I was building my house, scouring the internet for all new, unique and beautiful things. Every time I discovered a gem, and sometimes even a practical item - I ordered it.

Obviously things got a little out of control, which resulted in me starting to receive various boxes of deliveries on an almost daily basis, for weeks on end! 

About this Blog:

Welcome to my blog about life, love and everything in between. 

Here I just share some thoughts, tips, ideas and opinions about what I encounter in my everyday life. Of course they are my expert opinions ;-)

In my life I have learnt that your life is as fleeting as dandelion dust - here today, and gone in a second. Nothing is forever, and that which is, is not visible.

Still, I'd like to stand still for a moment and reflect on those things that make this journey a bit more pleasant and worth while...

Travel Spot 2 - Blausee

Another gem I discovered during my travels, was the Blue Lake, in Switserland. Thanks to its very special colour and the crystal-clear water, Blausee is one of the best-known mountain lakes in Switzerland. Located in the midst of a small nature park, with a landscape formed by a rock slide that led to the creation of the lake, it was a perfect spot to visit with my family. 

I'm in Heaven!

After years of wishing and dreaming, I finally decided to take the big step: Treat myself with a proper walk in wardrobe. I always had nice wardrobes, but this time I wanted to convert an entire room for the purpose of my shrine ;-)

The thing is, I absolutely love clothes, and shoes, ... and handbags and scarves! That doesn't mean I have to wear it all (heavens no! I have far too much to wear). See, I just find so much pleasure in seeing, buying and then admiring beautiful things. I do not have to wear it all, I see it as collector's items....