I try and live an active and healthy life as best as I can. I am an avid supporter of alternative medicine, fresh air, raw foods and lots of water. I always go for more than one opinion, and use common sense to put everything together before I just accept my fate at the hand of mere doctors.

This year, however, was a particularly bad year health wise, so I had a bit more to write about than I hoped for... accidents do happen! Although it is not ideal, I have to say that I learned so much more about our incredibly amazing bodies, and it keeps on fascinating me, the more I learn. Hope you enjoy this journey of discovery with me.

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Remind me...

We all go through trials and tribulations, joy and exaltations, and all of these impostors are easily forgotten. 

I find it incredible (in a good and a bad way) how easy one can forget the bad things that happened and how quickly we fall back into our comfort zone, forgetting the lessons we learnt and paid for so dearly. 

Even though we obviously enjoy  the good times better, it is often during the difficult times that we really mould our character and grow as a person. 

Every Day Life

I find everyday people very interesting. Even the old lady that you think is very boring, has a story to tell, and people often surprise you in that way. Just pay attention and show some interest, you'll be pleasantly surprised. To read more about our everyday experiences, click here.