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One of the most thrilling experiences for me is to create something, whether it is trouble or a painting, I like to think it is unique to me. Today I discovered a new thrill: creating my own unique tested recipe!

I never use recipes as they appear in a recipe book - EVER! I never consider the new concoction "my" recipe, as it is a combination of one or two recipes as well as my own spin on it. Today however - after two weeks of scouring the Internet for oats cookie recipes with no avail - I formulated my very own recipe! And it worked! And it had real measurements that I can actually replicate! Usually I just throw a few ingredients together, never to be repeated or remembered. That is easy when you cook, but when you bake, it is a little more scientific and precise than that. Hence the big victory!

Why was it impossible to get a great oats cookie recipe? I love crunchies and oats cookies, but due to my gluten intolerance, fear of preservatives and sugar, and my new raw eating lifestyle*, it is impossible to find something that is 100% healthy, tasty and easy to make

So far in my process of experimenting, you can only have two out of three! Even the raw recipes on the Internet has ingredients in that I don't like or can't find, it is overly complicated, you have to clean the kitchen for two days after that and they throw everything in a dehydrator, which I do not have. 

Mostly the "raw" people are a bit hard-core and apparently have no taste buds, so I gave up trying out their recipes. That's when I went to to the shops, bought everything I need to get in health-wise, and everything I would like in a cookie taste-wise. After a little experimenting, I came up with this incredible raw cookie, so I'll call it a "Rockie" (or Rawkie?). It is soooo simple, quick and easy to make, doesn't use a lot of dishes, so cleaning up is easy. Even my sweet tooth, fussy husband couldn't get enough of it!

So here is the recipe for the healthiest most delicious raw Oats cookies.

Annemie's Rockies ©

3 Cups pitted Dates

0,5 Cup Dried cranberries
0,5 Cup Goji Berries
1 Cup mixed soaked* raw unsalted nuts (I used cashew, macadamia, almonds and pistachio)
1 Cup Sunflower seeds
0,5 Cup dessicated raw Coconut
0,5 Cup Flax seeds - grounded
0,5 Cup Chia seeds (a super food)
1,5 Cup raw rolled oats
1 pinch of Himalayan Salt
Tablespoon Maca powder
200ml raw Coconut Oil
4 heaped Tablespoons raw peanut butter (you can make you own by just blending raw unsalted peanuts until it becomes a butter)
3 tablespoons organic Honey / 100% pure Maple syrup

First, you need to blend the dates and cranberries. As soon as they look properly chopped (you want coarse and chunky, not smooth), add the nuts and Goji berries into the blender. Now you add all the other dry ingredients just to mix everything together. Last you add the oil,, peanut butter and honey. Blend until the mixture has a nice flaky / coarse consistency. It must still look dry and definitely not be a paste.

The the mixture out of the blender and put in a bowl. In a second bowl, put some dessicated coconut. With your hands, roll bit-sized balls of the blended mixture. Press firmly so it will hold its form. Roll the ball in the coconut until it is coated.
For variation, you can add another half cup of cranberries to make it sweeter, or another half cup of rolled oats to make it dryer. I also did a batch with organic raw cacao powder, and it was delicious.
Put in the fridge for one hour before serving.


* Raw eating lifestyle: The cooking process destroys most of our nutrients, so we try and eat 50% of all our food in a raw, uncooked way. Raw nuts though, contains a lot of toxins. I used to have allergic reactions to nuts, until I found out that if you soak them for an hour, it releases all the toxins (the water will be brown). Just dry them out again, and enjoy toxin free!

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