I'm in Heaven!

After years of wishing and dreaming, I finally decided to take the big step: Treat myself with a proper walk in wardrobe. I always had nice wardrobes, but this time I wanted to convert an entire room for the purpose of my shrine ;-)

The thing is, I absolutely love clothes, and shoes, ... and handbags and scarves! That doesn't mean I have to wear it all (heavens no! I have far too much to wear). See, I just find so much pleasure in seeing, buying and then admiring beautiful things. I do not have to wear it all, I see it as collector's items....
Being married, equal partners and all (yeah right, like that is ever the case), I had to play my cards very carefully to make him realise "out of his own" that I need bigger closet space. This took some convincing, negotiations and manipulation to get my husband to think that it is a good idea for him to suggest that we convert a room for me into a walk in wardrobe...

I started by spoiling him: buying him bulky jackets and more shoes so that his space started to look cramped. I also started to mention that we do not utilise the gym everyday, which makes that room a white elephant in the house, therefore not economical.

Eventually he suggested that I utilise the room next door (the unused gym) for a closet, seeing that it is so conveniently close, and then he can use my old closet space. Of course I applauded him for his vision, great idea and consideration.

Now he is happy, because he has my old wardrobe space, and I am happy to have a husband who wants his wife to have her super-sized, well organised, colour coded, dream closet!