I'm in Heaven!

After years of wishing and dreaming, I finally decided to take the big step: Treat myself with a proper walk in wardrobe. I always had nice wardrobes, but this time I wanted to convert an entire room for the purpose of my shrine ;-)

The thing is, I absolutely love clothes, and shoes, ... and handbags and scarves! That doesn't mean I have to wear it all (heavens no! I have far too much to wear). See, I just find so much pleasure in seeing, buying and then admiring beautiful things. I do not have to wear it all, I see it as collector's items....
Being married, equal partners and all (yeah right, like that is ever the case), I had to play my cards very carefully to make him realise "out of his own" that I need bigger closet space. This took some convincing, negotiations and manipulation to get my husband to think that it is a good idea for him to suggest that we convert a room for me into a walk in wardrobe...

I started by spoiling him: buying him bulky jackets and more shoes so that his space started to look cramped. I also started to mention that we do not utilise the gym everyday, which makes that room a white elephant in the house, therefore not economical.

Eventually he suggested that I utilise the room next door (the unused gym) for a closet, seeing that it is so conveniently close, and then he can use my old closet space. Of course I applauded him for his vision, great idea and consideration.

Now he is happy, because he has my old wardrobe space, and I am happy to have a husband who wants his wife to have her super-sized, well organised, colour coded, dream closet!


  1. You deserve it my dearest little Anna

  2. Truth or lies? Manipulation or pure genius? Will the wonderful wife ever concede that her husband had a stroke of genius and was topped with love and thoughtfulness...I guess I will have to start my own blog to discover the truth...

  3. You guys are hilarious! :) So sweet! :)

  4. Annemie..
    Congrats on the closet! Awesome idea. I want one too! :)