Travel Spot 2 - Blausee

Another gem I discovered during my travels, was the Blue Lake, in Switserland. Thanks to its very special colour and the crystal-clear water, Blausee is one of the best-known mountain lakes in Switzerland. Located in the midst of a small nature park, with a landscape formed by a rock slide that led to the creation of the lake, it was a perfect spot to visit with my family. 

We went boating on a glass-bottom boat to explore this captivating tiny lake. It is so crystal clear, you can see right down to the bottom, and it has hundreds of trout swimming around in it. The large alpine organic trout farm is also open for public viewing.

This lake is steeped in legend of the eternal memory of love which persists beyond death. Always a favourite topic of mine! Legend has it that, after a young maiden with deep blue eyes lost the love of her life when he tragically died, she came here to their favourite spot to mourn. In deep sorrow and pain she ran to the lake crying until she fell down into the water losing her life. Her tears turned the lake blue, thus a statue of her was erected by the lake.

Of course the Swiss just love their tragic love stories and mystery, but it is definitely not a somber atmosphere that greets you when you visit this place. It is magical and romantic, with pristine beauty, and scenery that will capture your heart forever.

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