Stay Soft Queen

What would I not give to be a home maker for a month!  I know it sounds all but glamorous, but as a working woman, you never get to experience the joys and perils of running your own house. In fact, you are lucky if you get to spend time at all in your own house!

My sister, who lives in Canada, is a home maker and boy, has she perfected it! She runs that operation better than some countries are run! I call her the Sta-soft Queen. This name she acquired over skype. Everytime we talk, she has to excuse herself to go put in some Sta-soft in the washing machine.

She loves entertaining, and can literally give the queen some tips on how to host the perfect High Tea. Her house is always spotless. Regardless. (I would give myself "off weeks" if I had to clean full time).

If you get up from the breakfast table, and accidentally dropped a piece of cheese, she appears out of nowhere with a mop. If you were drinking coffee and spilled a drop, "swoosh", gone is the spill. It happens so quick, you sometimes don't even see her! If you open the fridge, everything is sorted, dated and aligned. If you were eating outside and a serviette was blown away by the wind, there she goes on her broom to go catch it (ok, this last one might have been an exaggeration, but I swear, that is how obsessive she is!)

Heaven help you if you dare enter her house with shoes - a mistake I only made once.

She has a gadget for literally everything! I can stand for hours just looking at her pantry. All the gadgets, cleaning liquids, funny sponges, you name it, it's there. The local hardware shop must have seen her coming.

And she loves it! She takes pride in her work and does it with a song in her heart. Which song, we might never know.... (another one bites the dust?)

I take my hat off to her for making people envious of being a house wife. She makes everything look so glamorous, organised and effortless.

But like I said - I only wish this on myself for a month!

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