Lost Luggage Lunar System

A while ago I read a joke in a magazine, where they discovered that the ring around Saturn was really all the world's lost airline luggage! It might not be very scientific, but I am quite certain it is true!

As an avid traveller, I spend a lot of time in airports. It may be that I am bored or sleep deprived, but while waiting for my luggage to arrive on the conveyor belt, I ask myself a lot of questions, like: Who are the people whose suitcases come out firsts? In 30 years that has never happened to me. Statistically it should have, but it hasn't.

I also wonder how airport security can identify anyone from their ID photos??!! Who travels with children for a second time? Who enjoys aeroplane food? What are the other people thinking while they wait for their luggage? Am I the only one tired enough to look like a zombie?

As romantic as a holiday sounds afterwards, the reality while you travel, is to just hold on to your luggage and hope that it doesn't end up in the Bermuda triangle or space! More often than not your luggage and and you will not arrive at the same destination, at the same time, at the correct terminal, in tact.

Maybe luggage has an interesting life of their own. My parents went to Canada, their luggage went to China. I went to America, my luggage took a vacation of their own and  only showed up a week later. My brother flew from South Africa to Switzerland, and when he got his suitcase, his brand new sneakers was stolen and neatly replaced with a second-hand pair from the South African luggage sorter - no surprises there!

That's the luggage we have located, but what about the luggage we never recovered?

Are they with all the single missing socks out there?

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