A Duchess of Note...

Don't get me wrong, I am NO Kate Middleton fan. I have NEVER come across anybody as boring as her, from her personality to her looks and wardrobe. Her make up makes her look ten years older - especially those raccoon eyes -  and her wedding looked like a boring middle class affair with no imagination, compared to the Monaco wedding shortly after, which - by the way - was the grandest most regal wedding I witnessed since Diana's.

Having said that, it struck me today that she possesses a quality that I can only admire and hope that I get there one day: Regardless of her personal goals and beliefs, she transformed herself to be an ambassador for her country
and her husband. She sacrifices her own feelings and bad mood days for a greater goal. She always smiles, regardless. She knows exactly what is expected of her, and she will do just that - not something my rebel-self can identify with. She sets her own feeling aside and make sure everybody who meets her, is left feeling good about her and themselves.

I, on the other hand, am forever living in my head, thinking about new adventures, new projects, how to expand the company, how to make my relationships better, refining a new painting in my head, or worrying about the state of the country or my finances (both of which are out of my hands anyway). Consequently I am mostly very unaware of my surroundings. People say I drive past them without greeting, simply because I didn't notice.

Jim Rohn said that the greatest gift you can give someone, is to be there. Wherever you are, be there. No point being at work, worrying about home and vice versa. We all think our little lives are so important, you have so many decisions to make and you have such a heavy burden you carry, that it darkens your mind and shows on your face. It makes you absent minded and distant to others. You are too busy up there to notice things around you.

When I do make a concerted effort to clear my mind and be present, I an exceptionally observant, even friendly! I drove down the street today, and a little boy drove with his bicycle in front of me. I smiled and waved at him, and his whole face lit up! That is the Kate-effect I'm talking about. No matter how heavy loaded her mind is, and I trust she has bigger worries than me - have you seen her mother in law? - she always smiles and make people feel good. She is a true ambassador of friendliness and courteousness.

I wish I can keep my own thoughts to myself, and just be an ambassador of the real me. The one who can smile and make someone feel better about themselves and about me. Someone who puts their own little world on the side for a while and add value to someones life. I have a lot to share. I put so much effort into presenting my projects, company, or my appearance when I need to, but I don't represent the real me the way that I could.

We should all put a bit of effort into our own presentation, and become an ambassador of note for yourself, and what you belief in.

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