Travel Spot 3 - Joshua Tree National Park

"In the desert a fountain is springing, In the wide waste there still is a tree, And a bird in the solitude singing, Which speaks to my spirit of Thee." - Lord Byron

It was probably the coldest, most windy day of the year when we visited the Joshua Tree National Park in America. We were on our way from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, when we came across this beautiful, surrealistic - yes it looks like a Dali painting - desert park.

Humans have occupied the park's nearly 800,000 acres for at least 5,000 years and lies within a three-hour drive of more than 18 million people. Rich cultural and archaeological history adds to the attraction of this place.

Viewed from the road, it doesn't look like much, but if you have a closer look, it reveals a fascinating variety of plants, a constant changing of landscapes and rock formations shaped by strong winds, unpredictable torrents of rain and climatic extremes, the beautiful Joshua trees and we even saw a few coyotes wandering around! 

It has a romantic, mysterious air about it and is anything but boring. I couldn't stop admiring the wonderful trees and interesting rock formations. I looked like a real tourist, clicking away with my camera! (maybe that is why my friends drove off without me? ;-)

We truly enjoyed this outing, but this is Harley country, and next time I'll definitely rent a Harley and do it all over again! It presents fantastic photo opportunities because of it's diversity. 

An inspiring, breathtaking and memorable outing for sure. 

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