My Year of Saying Yes!

"Window of Possibilities"
Often times we get so stuck in a rut with our daily routines, beliefs, hobbies and friends, that we don't even notice how watered down, monotonous and safe our lives have become. 

"Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you" - Shahir Zag

A year ago I realised that I have become so stuck in my ways, that I would rather say "no" to most things, because I think I know exactly what works for me, and what I like. Right? It is always much easier to stay in your comfort zone, that  trying out something new. Heaven forbid I might actually enjoy it. The problem is, if you do not have new experiences, try new things and meet new people, how will you ever stay inspired, or grow?

That's when I decided to stop having excuses or preconceived ideas about ANYTHING for once, and see if it will change my life for the better or not. 

I decided to say yes to everything, anything and anyone who asks me something, or invite me to go somewhere, or do something, whether I hated the idea or not. If it scared me a bit? Even better!

What an amazing year it has been! I let go of everything I was afraid of. By putting myself out there like that, I also had a lot of interesting repercussions in my life that I did not expect. Spiritually I became more grounded, more tolerant and more understanding of how we fit into the greater scheme of things. Emotionally I became much stronger, more mature, and without realising it immediately, had a lot more depth to draw from in my artwork. Physically I have created a healthier more active lifestyle, learned a lot of new things and had some great adventures. Socially I have more and interesting acquaintances, and I am not as terrified of strangers anymore!

By pushing your boundaries even just a little bit in every aspect of your life, you just can not remain untouched or unchanged. On all levels, it was important for me to do the uncomfortable to realise how far you can push yourself. You also get to reign yourself in sometimes, since you now know where you really want the boundaries to be, and why. 

I will recommend this to everyone, even for a shorter period of time. Try this only once in your life, and see how you will not only grow, but blossom on all levels in your life, even though there are some things that I will never try again!

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