Lockdown Love

The isolation has agreed very well with me, and I found some creative energy to try my hand at a few new things. I haven’t done oil painting in over a year – mainly because it is a medium that I really struggle with, but I am so in love with the richness of colour and the techniques you can use, that I suffer through it, usually to be pleasantly surprised and rewarded by the end result. 

I am doing four paintings at once, just because I find it easier to rotate between them while the others dry, and because this probably is the only time this year I will do oil painting, so I only suffer once through the messiness for a month or so, until..... read more here.

(I am running a new blog from my own artist website, and would still love for you to read my blogs. So pardon the link on this blog, but I will keep on publishing everything on both blogs. 

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