Travel Spot - Sorrento Charm

If you were wondering why I do "travel spots" on my blog, it is because I have been to too many overrated places while traveling and wasted a perfectly good day, while I could have seen something of much greater value that is less famous or advertised.

My purpose is to highlight the less "touristy" places, where I was able to enjoy myself, take in breathtaking scenery, saw something worth remembering and enjoy the places less visited.

Italy will always be one of my favourite spots, especially the south of Italy. That is where I visited the absolutely breathtaking city of Sorrento. Although this is not exactly a "hidden gem", it is still quieter than for example Rome or Venice, and in close proximity of many wonderful destinations. It's location makes Sorrento a perfect base to stay, while exploring the south of Italy.

Here are a few personal reasons of why I think you should visit or stay in Sorrento:

1. Although Italy is famous for it's delicious ice-creams, the variety here was just mind blowing! Perfect to cool you down on a hot summer's day.

2. Because it's coastline has mainly cliffs, most of the hotels are built very high and it gives you spectacular views over the Mediterranean sea.

3. They have the most exquisite wood inlay works here -from coffee tables to beds. In fact, the shopping down town in the heart of Sorrento is so much fun, you can find almost anything there, and enough deli's to keep you motivated.

4. You can take a day trip to the Isle of Capri from here on a boat. If you leave early in the morning, you have a full day to explore this beautiful island (which by the way feels much more Greek than Italian), the Blue caves (or Blue Grotto) and the interesting shopping in it's narrow uneven and very steep cobble streets.

5. Another breathtaking trip from here, is to explore the Amalfi Coast line. You can use a car, but I suggest renting a Vespa to really explore the area at a slower pace. Pack a picnic basket, or stop at the beautiful town of Positano en route to get some delicacies, because this trip should be savoured like a good wine. There are multiple places to stop along the road, so take your time to appreciate the magnificent views. You'll see many tiny islands off the coast, some of which are inhabited by the rich and famous like Rudolf Nureyev . There are also no shortage of olive plantations.

6. A bit further, but still a comfortable day trip, is Pompeii. This city was buried under volcanic ash after mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, and rediscovered in 1748. It is amazing how well preserved everything is, and incredible to think that a moment in time was frozen in history. A very interesting historical outing.

7. As I have mentioned before, the cliff-side of Sorrento is it's biggest charm, so grab a bottle of Italian red wine (it is really good and doesn't have tannin in it like most other wines, which means that you will not have a headache the next day) and witness a spectacular sunset over the sea!

Buon giorno!

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