I am just so sick and tired of modern dating. Being in love in this day and age is quite a terrifying experience I find. Loyalty is so rare, and people are very quick to choose a good time over a good thing. What happened to "soul mate" and "romance"?? Where is the magic of falling deeply in love? 

Nobody even dates anymore, they just talk, catch feelings, sleep together and then fall half-assed into what they now call a "situationship". That is a far cry from a real relationship. If I am going to put in an effort, it is sure as hell not going to be for a situationship. What's the point of putting in all that effort, if it is only for a half-hearted relationship? 

Where are the days where Lancelot gave up his knighthood for Guinevere's love, or Edward gave up the throne to be with Wallace regardless of the cost? In those days people fought for what they wanted, because - I believe - they really wanted and valued it. Yes, I do expect a lot, but I also give a lot, and would like for someone to match my effort.

So that brings me here on a chilly Sunday afternoon, pondering about why most men don't woo women anymore. Please don't think I am cynical or heartbroken, quite the contrary. There is definitely no lack of suitors, and I am a very successful, happy person, surrounded by people who love me. It is also not that I am not interested, I'm just not interested in being taken for granted. I don't need to fill a void, I have a full life, so I would like for you to inspire me and add value to my life. More importantly, you should have a full life of your own. Don't choose me because you want to be with me, choose me because you cannot bear to be without me.

I thus came to the calculated conclusion that I have become undateable. Although I am very content with this prognosis, I still think one should always hold a backdoor open for that moment when lightning strikes, because I do believe in magic. 

But whether it ever happens or not, I am not sitting in a lonely corner waiting. No, I am living my life to the fullest, embracing every opportunity that comes my way, being thankful for all the blessings in my life, and booking the next airplane ticket to explore a little magic of my own...

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